‘Sustainability’ has been a buzz word within the development sector for years, ultimately referring to the long term maintenance of responsibility which has environmental, economic and social consequences.

At Heritage Oak, we have embraced this as standard, recognising that whilst todays requirements must be met, those of future generations need protecting and must not be compromised as an affect.

Ultimately, at Heritage Oak we aim to deliver developments of the highest achievable quality, that are responsibly designed and subsequently built harmoniously with the natural environment in mind.

Champson’s Rise, Blakedown

Discover how the incorporation of eco technologies and sustainable building techniques interact, enabling our homes to use natural resources to produce energy, become highly efficient at conserving and recycling energy, and create an interior environment like one you have never experienced before.

Its takes so much energy to heat a home, never mind costs a fortune, so............. why waste it?

When it comes down to figures, as it always does, our homes considerably out-perform the standards.

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A whole house mechanical ventilation system provides fresh air to habitable rooms and extracts dirty, stale air from wetrooms. Simultaniously, it recycles up to 93% of the contained heat through a heat exchanger and resubmitting it into the dwellings internal atmosphere.

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Heat Recovery Mechanical Ventilation (MVHR)MVHR.html

Look out of your window and what do you see?

The street, the house opposite, the trees and fields? What we see is a free source of energy.

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Solar Hot Water HeatingSolar.html

Contrary to traditional building methods, our timber frame package enables a structure that is not only ultra sustainable, but also permits a highly insulated and air-tight structure that far exceeds current building regulations.

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Timber Frame ConstructionTimberframe.html

Unlike conventional radiators, UFH provides a heat which is even through out the surface of a room,  providing an interior comfort which is unparalleled.

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Low Temperature Under Floor Heating (UFH-LT)UFH.html
Highly Insulated StructureTimberframe.html